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The Dachshund's Very End The Dachshund's Very End
"The Dachshund's Very End and Other Fiddle Fumble Stories"

Illustrations for 'The Dachshund's Very End'
…. So one day the dachshund set out on a long stroll to see if he could get to his other end. He walked for hours, but he never reached it…

Illustrations for 'The Young Bird'
…. "Look,what's that down there?" Amalia asked.
"Why, it's a bald man with a beard," the old bird answered. "He is fishing. Beside him is a woman with long hair, swimming her dog."
"I see," Amalia said. On they flew, over the world…

The Dodo's Last Egg The Dodo's Last Egg
"The Dodo's Last Egg and Other Fiddle Fumble Stories"

lllustrations for 'The Lights'
…. Then it saw one single light coming up. The little dog was glad it could see again, so it ran along with the single light, until all of a sudden…

lllustrations for 'The Two Holes'
…. An elephant, an animal from a far away country, came by. It looked for a nice shallow puddle to turn over in. Elephants like that…

The Flipping Bird The Flipping Bird

"The Flipping Bird and Other Fiddle Fumble Stories" (click to read)
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The Cuckoo and the Hungry Cat The Cuckoo and the Hungry Cat

"The Cuckoo and the Hungry Cat and Other Fiddle Fumble Stories" (click to read)
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Livres en français

La Fin du chien-saucisse La fin du chien-saucisse
"La fin du chien-saucisse et autres petits contes"

Le Dernier oeuf de la dame dodo Le dernier oeuf de la dame dodo
"Le dernier oeuf de la dame dodo et autres petits contes"

Le Baptême de l'air Le baptême de l'air

"Le baptême de l'air et autres petits contes" (click to read)
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Le coucou et le chat affamé Le coucou et le chat affamé

"Le coucou et le chat affamé et autres petits contes" (click to read)
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Boek in het Nederlands

dodo-nl De Allerlaatste Dodo (in voorbereiding)

"De Allerlaatste Dodo" (click to read)

Biography (English, French and Dutch)

reflection Paul Driessen, Images and Reflexions

Projects for books (pending publication)

Illustrations pour "Pourquoi la poule traversa t'elle" et autres petits contes

Illustrations for 'Wait a bit'
Kip Klomp, Mother Klomp and the Bear were drinking tea.
"Wouldn't you boys like a plum-cookie?" Mother Klomp asked.
"Why not," said the Bear. He was a bear of few words.
"I think I wait a bit" Kip said.

"…. a ship might sail by, a ship full of pirates, and they would maybe haul me aboard…"

lllustration for 'In the Pool of Podnik lived the Monster Uul'
…. Frankly, Uul's scream didn't frighten his victims. No. They heard his yelling "Boohooblub…" for sure, but they just turned around and said: "Why, it's Uul. Good morning, nice day isn't it," and so on. And they warned their children: "Be careful, no splashing now, Uul is around…"

lllustrations for 'The Mouse-who-looked-like-a-Rabbit' Stories
…. "I like nice," the crocodile said, "what is it about?"
"It's about a Party-Beast," the elephant said, "it goes like this…"

"A little Party-Beast was singing a song she had made up herself: 'My life is only startying… and what I like is partying…'
"Don't remind me," her mother said,"your father was also a Party-Beast, and then you were born…"
"Oh good," the little Party-Beast said, "I like being here…"

Illustration Georgien Overwater
…. The People-cat walked with the Rabbit-mouse to the window. "Look outside," he said. He opened the curtains and pointed to where the moon lit up the brushwood. "You know, scary things happen out there," he said. "The Big Bad Cat-wolves are out there."

Illustration Georgien Overwater
"Oh my!" the Rabbit-mouse cried, "not the Big Bad Cat-wolves!! They're very very messy…!"

Illustration Georgien Overwater
Everyone listened carefully and yes, there it was again, a strange and creepy howling sound:
"awoooww... awoooww," or maybe more like "awooha... awooha...!"

The Big Bad Cat-wolves looked at each other. "Maybe it's Mother" one of them said,
"she sometimes howls to the moon if she feels like it."
"I'm not sure" the other one said, "Mother sounds more like "oioioi... oioioi…"
"I don't think it's your mother" the little Rabbit-mouse said. He pointed outside.
"Look" he cried, "look over there… the Wolf-rabbit!"